Awards & Certifications

SAAP Appreciation Award – 40th year

The 40th year Appreciation Award is presented to members in recognition of their valuable commitment to the Association. This award is presented annually during the Administrative Professionals Day (APD) Dinner in April. This year, the APD Dinner was held on 24 April 2019 at Amara Hotel.

The recipient is Serena Chew:


Janis Han


Patsy Tan / Amy Tan / Lucillia Leong / Fay Leong / Lucy Leong


Margaret Chan Wee / Alfred Mary / Linda Sim


Jessie Chng / Marlene Foo / Marlar Lwin


Jagdish Kaur Dhillon / Tina Tan


April Tan / Serena Chew

SAAP Loyalty Award – 10th , 20th , 30th year

The 10th year, 20th year and 30th year awards are presented to members in recognition of their loyalty and commitment to the Association. These awards are presented annually during the Management Council 2020/2021 Installation Ceremony. This year the ceremony was held on 31 October 2020 at Huone Singapore. The recipients who were presented:

From left to right : Helen Seah, President - Sim Siew Gek, Rosalind Choo (virtual), Vice President - Priscillia Soon, Jean Yeo, Nur Diyana Bte Taha and Ruth Ooi

30th year (1990 - 2020)

Jean Yeo / Rosalind Choo / Ruth Ooi

20th year (2000 - 2020)

Helen Seah / Joanne Lim/ Mary Chee / Rosemary Shin

10th year (2010 - 2020)

Nur Diyana Bte Taha

Outstanding Member Award 2018

Every year, SAAP presents the Outstanding Member Award to one member, who has been the most active in the Association in the preceding years by way of attendance at functions, assistance in its projects and generally by her commitment to and sustained support of the Association's activities, aims and objectives.

This year, the Outstanding Member Award 2018 was presented at the Administrative Professionals Day Dinner on 24 April 2019 at Amara Hotel.

Outstanding Member 2018 - Ms Regina Tan (Past President)

From left to right : Membership Chairman - Ruth Ooi, Outstanding Member 2018 - Regina Tan, President -  Josephine Kwan 

Outstanding Member listing – 1979 to 2018

Administrative Professionals Award (APA)

  • The Award was initiated by SAAP in 1992 and organised biennially to give recognition to the most outstanding Secretary/Administrative Professional in Singapore for her contribution to organisational performance, productivity and community developments.
  • The winner will act as an ambassador for SAAP to promote the administrative profession to companies and institutes.